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Labor Day Picnic? Try a Slow Food USA Eat-In in Your Neighborhood.


Looking for something to do on Labor Day? Do something yummy and important. Attend a local Eat-In supporting The Time for Lunch Campaign.  Slow Food USA’s campaign to get healthy, nutritious local foods on the trays of our schoolkids  is asking you to join (or organize!) a local Eat-In to spread the word.

A SAn Francisco Eat-In 2008

A San Francisco Eat-In 2008

Several are taking place in the Portland Metro Area. Click on the map here to find one closest to you. Make your favorite healthy and delicious potluck dish, and join other slowfoodies in your neighborhood to support this important cause.

It’s time to provide our children with real food at school

This year, we have an opportunity we cannot pass up. In the fall, Congress will decide whether to update the Child Nutrition Act, which is the law that determines what 30 million children eat at school every day.

By giving schools the resources to serve real food, we can build a strong foundation for our children’s health. We can teach them healthy habits that will last them through life. We can make a down payment on health care reform. We can do all of this, but only if we help our legislators connect the dots.

If you can’t make it to one, still help out by signing  the online petition here.

You KNOW our school lunches can improve if even MY kids balk at them. They’d eat something out of the gutter, if it was shrink-wrapped and had a Kraft label on it. Let’s give kids the fresh delicious meals they need and deserve. And thanks Slow Food USA for continuing to fight the good fight.