Jules and the Giant Hat

Jules grew up in Santa Monica, CA enjoying  the beach and a lot of great food. Her family rarely cooked, but loved to eat out. German, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Persian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Polish or Chinese food– you name it;  she ate it. Thus began her love of food.

After culinary school, Jules turned her years of restaurant experience into something that was actually profitable. She ran her own catering and personal chef business which blossomed into her own bakery. Susannah Baking Company supplied wholesale and retail cheesecakes, specialty cakes and wedding cakes to the greater L.A. area. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too!

Today Jules lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Joe and her four children. Finally using that degree in journalism, she writes about food and family, passing on her love of both with each meal she serves them.