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Portland’s Foster Burger Opens!

I couldn’t wait to try Foster Burger.

The new burger joint in SE Portland has Chef Daniel Mondok of Sel Gris (which is reportedly not to reopen) at the helm with help from Chef Andy Ricker, Master Genius of Pok Pok and his partner at Ping, Kurt Huffman.  What a line up.

Photo by Olivia Bucks/Oregonian

Photo by Olivia Bucks/Oregonian

Food Dude posted the menu just before NYE on his Portland Food and Drink blog, and it had me salivating. Burgers, fries, shakes–oh my. I was in a food coma by the time I was done reading it.

Maybe it’s the coma that explains why I raced to have lunch at a restaurant that is only open for dinner. Grrr. I hate it when I do dumb things like not reading the hours. More than that, I hate it when I’m totally hankering for something, and I can’t have it. (Yes. I have the patience of a small child.)

I headed to Bunk instead, and my pork shoulder sandwich definitely sated me, but I still need to get back to Foster Burger soon. Especially after seeing the picture of their salad:  The Wedge posted on Wine Guy World’s blog. Check it out.

Mmmm. Bacon.

Foster Burger, 5339 SE Foster Road, Portland, 97206, (503) 775-2077