We Start the Detox…

Yes we have Before and After photos, but they will never be seen by anyone. We didn’t realize how out of shape we were! I mean, yes, I’m in my forties and have four kids, so I know I’m no longer supermodelish, but whoa. Anyway,
we decided to do it. The detox began on February 1st.

Days before, the negative voicing began: I can’t do this. This is stupid. I’ll do it for a week. I’ll do it, but I’ll still drink. I’ll do it for two weeks, but I’ll include dairy– as long as it’s organic.

The night before I lay in my bed worrying about it. Finally I decided that I was going to do it. I was going to go all the way and do it well. It’s time.


My Arbonne consultants sent me info, recipes, shopping lists etc. That was really helpful. We cleared and restocked the pantry. We bought beautiful organic fresh food and prepared for what I promised I would never call this “journey.”