Cooking School Journal: Done

Chefs toque.

Chefs toque.

Last night was my graduation banquet.

It went well.

I’m not going to give you all of the gory details… yet.

I’m still behind. I have at least a dozen entries to go that will describe the hell that is now called “September”.

I’m done, and I’m home.

There was absolutely no toilet paper in the house, nor milk, bread, coffee… or a mom, for the last few days. I’m back, and the kids are beginning to warm up to me.

This was the most intense and perfect experience of my life.

And I finished.

Now I’m feeling a bit lost and misplaced, especially since it is “class” night. But, if there is one thing this whole ride has shown me is that is time for me to stop staring at the past. Stop being afraid of the future. Trust myself and just go for it.