Cooking School Journal: Eats, Shoots and Leaves

So, I am starting to get some feedback…

I am quite promiscuous with my commas apparently. I’m also overly zealous with ellipses, and am parenthetically challenged. Although I’ve chosen to write these missives in e-mail form, the most forgiving grammatically, I am quite aware that my grammar sucks.

Let’s not forget that I am the product of the L.A.U.S.D., and I have bad grammar.

Perhaps the problem is that my most influential English teacher was Mrs. Lightfoot. She believed herself to be a hippy, but truly she was a girl from the white suburbs that happened to marry an American Indian (begin smoking your peyote now).

We spent a lot of time not discussing the Fitzgerald, Salinger and Capote novels the curriculum outlined… but we had long discussions, led by the surfer in the back who couldn’t remember his own name, about the great literary contributions of Carlos Castaneda and Hunter S. Thompson. One memorable class we all hiked to the nearby state park to  “hug the Earth”. We all got on our bellies, arms outstretched, feeling like total a**holes.

So, please forgive me. My grammar is less then stellar. Most of my writing in college met the professor’s desk unblemished only to return with a terrible case of scarlet fever…red sharpie everywhere.

So e-mail, for me, is the best medium. The specifics of proper English Grammar seem inconsequential in a world where people text, “u r gr8.”

At least the message is loud and clear, no matter the medium. McLuhan take note!

In this day and age, even a comma-whore like myself, can sound smart. Right?